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Nokia Harmattan device getting closer to release?

The FCC approves all telecommunication devices in the US, and has recently approved RM-680 – the codename believed to match that of Nokia's Harmattan device, which has been developed to be MeeGo “compatible”. It's unclear how much relation this device might have had to the now-no-longer-MeeGo-friendly N9, but it's likely this is a good candidate for the N950 Nokia CTO Rich Green mentioned during Nokia's Developer Day keynote in February (shortly after the start of the Elopocalypse). The device's radio testing reveals both 802.11n and hexaband cellular (for support for both AT&T and T-Mobile 3G in the US). With previous rumours circulating about the keyboarded version being cancelled, it's very much up in the air as to whether this is “the” Harmattan device intended for the mass-market (or whether that particular possitioning plan even still holds). The device's outline drawing in the FCC certainly bears a strong resemblence to the photos of the MacBook Pro-like aluminum device leaked from China last year (baring small differences attributable to continued prototype development). Nokia has requested a relatively short 45-day confidentiality period on the device photos and user manuals, putting the latest date for some sort of reveal around the middle of June. We'll find out next week whether the MeeGo Conference Spring 2011 in San Francisco will be the date (see you there!).

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  1. Front Page
    • Nokia Harmattan device getting closer to release?
  2. Applications
    • Running gPodder on MeeGo N900 Developer Edition
  3. Development
    • Update/RFC on MeeGo Compliance Specification
    • Overview of MeeGo ARM driver support situation
  4. Community
    • Second call for papers for MeeGo Conference open for last minute additions
  5. Announcements
    • Twitter: Rewritten Khweeteur UI now in Maemo Extras-testing
    • Inner-Spin puzzle game
    • Oculo is now available in Extras
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