Maemo Weekly News for Monday, 9 May 2011

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Harmattan, Maemo & MeeGo community

Ville Vainio has asked where the natural home of the Harmattan community will be: “So, what's the role of maemo community communication channels (these mailing lists, and Harmattan? Will maemo community embrace Harmattan as “natural continuation” after maemo5? Or should these channels be relegated to maemo5 and older alone, moving Harmattan discussion elsewhere?” With * being pitched as a development, rather than end-/power-user friendly environment for specific devices and the outright hostility to Harmattan coming across on the meego-* mailing lists, it seems clear that the MeeGo project won't want to deal with the intricacies of Nokia's Qt Quick Components or Harmattan's Debian packaging when Intel's MeeGo UX Components and MeeGo's RPM formatting hold sway.

The general direction of the thread, including from Quim Gil was “let's see what happens when the device is launched” (or at least the SDK is). Hopefully there'll be enough lead time that open source software can be primed at whatever the end-user friendly download site is, whether it's or

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  1. Front Page
    • Harmattan, Maemo & MeeGo community
  2. Applications
    • CSSU may be able to support more profiles than General/Silent
    • Putting album art and current track on lock screen
  3. Development
    • Qt Creator 2.2 released
    • Branches for MeeGo 1.2 finalisation created
    • Security architecture for MeeGo won’t be Harmattan’s, but what will it be?
    • …and 5 more
  4. Community
    • Graphics wanted for MeeGo Apps web catalogue
    • MeeGo Conference T-shirt competition winner announced
    • Second Call for Poposals for the MeeGo Conference San Francisco 2011
    • Attending the Intel AppUp MeeGo Conference warm-up events
  5. Devices
    • Adapting an N900 to charge via a PowerMat
  6. In the Wild
    • Digia is working “full steam ahead” with Qt Commercial
    • Future of Fedora’s MeeGo “remix” (i.e. Netbook UX on Fedora)
  7. Announcements
    • Socially – a new Facebook client
    • Symbian “Anna” icon modifications
    • MonoDevelop – C# IDE on Maemo
    • …and 3 more
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